Dans l'appart de Julot Bandit

September 13, 2018 Charlestine

Between direction of music clips, advertizing campaigns, album covers or fashion photography, Julot Bandit has no limit.

His work include album covers of Sarh, Lily Wood & The Prick and Travis Scott. He received us with his cat in his apartment in Paris, 18ème arrondissement.

Hi Julot, can you present yourself in one song ?

Really simple, ‘Dans ma rue’ (‘In my street’) of Doc Gyneco because I lived and grown up in the 18 th arrondissement of Paris.

Describe to us your interior in few words.

I like the atelier spirit with a mix of ancient and modern. I like the fact that it’s dynamic.

Do you listening music when you wake up or when you go to bed ?

When I was at the high school, everyday I wake up on ‘A change is gonna come’ of Same Cooke, it was the intro of the album REUNION of Capone N Noreaga. I knew that if I listening this song I will spend a good day (even if my marks wasn’t not good and I had detention). I like ‘Elle’ of Sebastien Tellier when I go back to home after a party, that have some effect on me. 

What is the place of the music in your activity ?

She has a big part in my work. I like doing album cover and I work with a lot of different artist. I like the idea of represent the album universe in one shot. Sound and image are linked.


To me, music it’s 50% of sound and 50% of image.

The song that you listening but that you don’t assume.

Mario ‘Let me Love you’, I really don’t assume this song anymore.

What do you inspire the design of Charlestine ?

I like the elegance of a retro radio mixed to a modern audio system and Bluetooth function. It’s feel good to go back to basis and to not looking for refined look that we have now. Finally it’s like in photography, we go back increasingly to basis.

Where is she in your apartment ?

In my office, that’s cool because it’s the place where I am most of the time.