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What are the modification done on the Vintage radio Charlestine ?

We keep the maximum origin components (buttons, grill cloth, metal chassis, wood veneer, old varnish,...). 
We change the audio system: amplifier and the speaker driver. The radio is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 and a 3.5mm input jack for a quality sound.

Can we listening the Vintage Radio Station Charlestine sound ?

Of course ! You can see us at the workshop and test our products, please contact us for an appointment. You can also listen to Charlestine radios at our retailers : Charlestine Bluetooth radio retailers ?

Where do radios come from ?

Every restored Charlestine radio were find in attics, on fairs, at collectors... We take care of them to restore them to their original lustre.

What kind of restoration do you carry out on radios ?

  • Clean up the cabinet of the radio (dust, moisture, buttons...)
  • Replacing the tissue of the loudspeaker if necessary.
  • Clean up the interior (dust of the last 80 years for some of them...)

Do you deliver abroad ?

We deliver our products in France and worldwide. Please contact us if your country does not appear in the list during checkout, we will provide you a specific transport quote.

What are delivery methods ?

We offer many delivery methods so that you receive your Vintage radio Charlestine in the best condition. Everything you need to know is here.

Why the delivery timeframe is not the same for all radios ?

To have the widest choice of products on the website, some of them are not finished yet. A radio finished radio can be sent the same day of the order. Those that are not finished can take few more days to be sent. Please contact us before your order in order to know the timeframe of your favorite radio.

What is the guarantee offered for the Vintage Radio Charlestine ?

Your satisfaction is our priority !
All our Vintage Radio Charlestine are guaranteed 2 years.
We are committed to repair for free radios with an electronic defect (in case of normal use, in interior without violent impacts,...) in our workshop.