Modernize your radio station

Poste radio TSF OCRI de 1950 restauré et transformé en enceinte Bluetooth par Charlestine

Do you own an old radio station from your parents or grandparents?

Thanks to Charlestine, your familial radio will sound again and become an emblematic piece in your room. And especially you think, like us, that to finish on a flea market is unfair for a radio station that sent coded messages during WW2 and sang the song 'L'Hymne à l'Amour' of Edith Piaf (1950) for the first time.

Charlestine modernizes by hand and transforms your radio station in Bluetooth speaker, with the utmost care and artisanal way.

We give a second life at your radio station equipping it with a modern audio and Bluetooth connexion. You can enjoy a musical experience with high quality on a radio station full of history. Every step of the restoration process is handmade in our workshop in France:

Charlestine restaure votre poste radio TSF de manière artisanale et le transforme en enceinte Bluetooth.

- Cleaning the radio with respectful produces that give radiance on the origin polish (we don't use abrasive cleaners)
- Clean up buttons and frequencies dial
- Replacing the grill cloth of the loudspeaker when teared
- Installation of a high-quality full range speaker (origin Germany)
- Restoration of the origin volume button
- Installation of a modernized Charlestine audio system (amplifier + Bluetooth + 3.5mm jack input)

How to do ?

Complete the form with some photos of your radio station and we will get back to you as soon as possible with an estimate.