The program Tendance XXI presents Charlestine radios on TV5 Monde

The program Tendance XXI visited Charlestine workshop to discover our ancients restored and modernized radios.

Charlestine restores ancients radios station and modernizes them by equipping them of Bluetooth.

The artisanal expertise of Charlestine is a mix of carpentry, cabinetmaker, acoustic and electronic to give a second life at this beautiful ancients radios which have survived many eras.

Charlestine restaure votre poste TSF pour le transformer en enceinte Bluetooth vintage.

Every radio is unique and has his own history. Some of them sent coded messages of the resistance during the war, others spread the song of Edith Piaf...

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Do you own an ancient radio that you would like to modernize it ?
Leave it to us !

All the process of the restoration is made by hand with tools and technics which respect their materials. The wood is consolidated and the polish is renovated. The audio system is modernized thanks to a new amplifier, a loudspeaker and Bluetooth. The dial of lighting is modernized thanks to LED. Start and volume control carry out via the origin button, operating again.